Course Description

This course is designed for faculty members new to the Moodle learning management system or who have not taught in the environment before. Emphasis is given to learning the interface and the common tools used to facilitate a fully online course such as discussion forums, gradebook, and exams.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Edit their user profile.
  2. Upload and manage private course files.
  3. Edit a course page.
  4. Open and close modules in a course.
  5. Differentiate the types of resources available for use in the LMS (Learning Management System).
  6. Describe the types of activities commonly available for use in the LMS.
  7. Create, edit and grade assignments uploaded to the LMS.
  8. Create, edit and grade discussion forums.
  9. Create, edit and grade quizzes.
  10. Program and manage the gradebook.

The Administrator will be responsible for configuring, maintaining and administrating all web-assist courses within the Moodle LMS application. The Learning House provides 24/7 technical support for web-assist courses within the Moodle LMS for faculty, staff and students.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Administer and manage the creation and development of web-assist courses within the Moodle LMS application,
  • Manage user account creation and enrollment at the course and category level
  • Assist faculty in creating/maintaining their courses
  • Manage the content backup/restore process for courses needing duplication
  • Provide guidance and training for faculty members with web-assist courses
  • Work closely with the TLH Infrastructure and Faculty Support Team

Role Capabilities

  • Full editing access to all courses within “web-assist” category
  • Edit and manage course categories
  • Back-up and restore courses
  • Edit and manage users and enrollments
  • Log-in as a user

MT 203 Advanced Instructional Features of Moodle focuses on the advanced features of Moodle. This course walks participants through Moodle features that are lesser known and more advanced in nature. The course pays particular attention to practical implications of these features as well as recommends potential uses and best practices.

This course is an orientation for Adobe Connect users.