The fundamentals of instructional design are the foundation of any course design project. They help course writers create a learning space that is purposeful, focused, and organized, and they help instructors guide students through that space in a way that helps them meet their goals. By following instructional design principles, you define what student success looks like, how it will be measured, and what tools you’ll use to help students get there.

In this short, self-directed course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about and begin developing learning objectives, assessments, and instructional material for your online course. You’ll also learn practical teaching strategies grounded in the science of learning, leaving you with a clear sense of what your course design process will entail. By the conclusion of it, you will have articulated what students will be able to do by the end of your course and how you’re going to teach and assess them, hopefully preparing you for the rest of your course design project.

We anticipate that this course should take you no more than three to four hours to complete.